ST02 Tuna and Blueberries

Pouch 70 gr - Supplementary

ST02 Tuna and Blueberries

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A true delicacy: all the flavor of tuna along with blueberries (sources of natural antioxidants such as anthocyanins and carotenoids) and brown rice, whose fiber is ideal for bowel regularity. The recipe's low calorie content is ideal for keeping neutered cats fit.

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45% tuna fish

2.14% blueberries

1% brown rice

complementary food for adult cats. calorie-reduced recipe, ideal for spayed cats. no preservatives, dyes or flavoring agents.

notes: cooking water equal to 51.21% of the recipe.

technological additives: cassia gum 1787.5 mg/kg

Analytical Components

Moisture 82,67%
Crude Protein 12,64%
Crude fat 0,36%
Crude Ash 0,79%
Crude Fiber 0,17%
Kcal/100 gr 59,11

Daily Ration

Cat weight Natural Code Pounch 70gr + Natural Code Croquettes
Adult Sterilized
2-3 kg 70 g scatoletta.png x1 15 g 20 g
4-5 kg 70 g scatoletta.png x1 25 g 30 g
6-7 kg 140 g scatoletta.png scatoletta.png x2 25 g 30 g
8-9 kg 140 g scatoletta.png scatoletta.png x2 35 g 40 g