P02 Tonno e Sardine

Pouch 70 gr - Supplementary

P02 Tuna and Sardines

pack of 24

Stampa scheda

An ideal menu for cats who love fish: tuna helps make the food very tasty and provides protein of high biological value; sardines are a valuable source of Omega 3 series fatty acids, which are useful for maintaining shiny coat. Finally, a small percentage of rice serves to provide the cat with quickly usable energy.


58% thon skipjack

4,28% sardines

2% riz

Notes: Cooking water equal to 35.72% of the recipe

Analytical Components

Moisture 78,64%
Crude Protein 17,14%
Crude Ash 1,18%
Crude Oils and Fats 0,67%
Crude Fiber 0,13%
Energy (kcal/100gr) 73,51

Daily Ration

Cat weight Natural Code Pounch 70gr + Natural Code Croquettes
Adult Sterilized
2-3 kg 70 g scatoletta.png x1 20-35 g 25-40 g
4-5 kg 70 g scatoletta.png x1 40-50 g 45-55 g
6-7 kg 140 g scatoletta.png scatoletta.png x2 40-50 g 45-55 g
8-9 kg 140 g scatoletta.png scatoletta.png x2 55-65 g 60-70 g