Natural Line

Our concept

We used the term Natural,
because we are authentic.

We used the term Code,
because we have rules.

We used these terms
because we know cats and dogs
and we know they are carnivore throughout
their entire growth path.

With our food,

we respect their physiology and biology
and we make possible for them
to take in all the necessary nutritive substances.

With our food,

we provide them with high quality,
high digestibility meat without adding any preservative,
colorant or artificial flavour.

With our food,

We provide them with the best taste,
the best aromas and all those protein,
mineral and vitamin qualities
that can be preserved only through steam cooking.

Authentic and with a rule.
Its own rule.

At Natural Line we think that a healthy diet does not only result from the choice of high-quality ingredients but it is mainly the consequence of adequate manufacturing, cooking and preservation techniques of the ingredients used. In fact, all our meats come from certified free range farms (FREE RANGE MEAT e MEATS HORMON FREE) where chickens are ground breed, beefs are raised in free range livestocks and -in any case- they are NOT fed with growth hormones. Additionally, we utilize only noble cuts such as chicken fillets and beef fillets. As for the fish we utilize in our food, it is caught throughout the year in high seas both in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. More specifically, we utilize two qualities of Tuna, the skipjack and the yellowfin, the latter being considered as a premium quality for the tenderness and the aroma of its meat.

During the fishing stage, we abide by the DOLPHIN SAFE check. Therefore, on all the fishing boats there is an inspector on board who certifies the absence of dolphins among the daily catches. Both our DOLPHIN SAFE and SEA WATER FISH certifications testify our commitment toward dolphins safeguard. Additionally, all meat is processed by strictly following two quality control systems (HACCP – SAFETY FOOD SYSTEM and I.F.S.) that help monitoring that the food produced is human-grade and that the microbiological healthiness of the food is kept unaltered. In fact, we are proud of our achievements: so far, we have earned seven internationally recognized certifications. The cooking and preservation processes are performed through steam which helps the protein substances to coagulate without dispersing in the cooking water while the water itself becomes a natural preservation element. As a result, we can guarantee you that in all Natural Code products you can find only the very best poultry, bovine and pork fillets, tuna and salmon slices, crustaceans and top quality vegetables. All the ingredients are steam-cooked and preserved with their cooking water, with no preservatives, no artificial flavours nor addictives (not even those allowed by the FDA.

Our KITTEN and PUPPY line includes many products that are specific for the weaning and growth phase and some products for the nourishment phase that can be purchased cooking water or broth. You could chose among different daily choices and satisfy the most demanding and delicate palate. Chicken fillets preserved together with their cooking water are a great source of high-digestibility proteins that are particularly indicated for all those animals with digestive problems as well as for those young animals that are starting to take in adult food. Given their high content of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids, Tuna slices are particularly indicated for those animals suffering from food intolerances or other kind of allergies.

We now invite you to read thoroughly our labels and –only after having done so- to check out the quality of our products by yourself: you will be surprised.

Our concept

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