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Natural Line

Our concept

Joy and colour

Joy and Colour is our way to represent what we are and our values, Natural Code's world is made with joy and color. We believe that pets make our lives more exciting, like a rainbow appearing in the sky. The better thing we can do to thank them is to take care of them the better we can. Since 2010, thinking about cats and dogs' welfare, we have been creating high quality pet food.

We also believe in cooperation and sharing. This is why we started a community of Pet Lovers, people that, just like us, care about animals, no matter their color, breed or temperament.

If you also see the world in technicolor thanks to your pets, join us! You can submit to Natural Code Lovers newsletter by clicking here.

Collaboration with the University of Turin

Unity is strength! Since 2014 we have been collaborating with the Animal Nutrition and Feeding Laboratory of the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the University of Turin. Our primary goal is animal welfare. Cooperating with those who have made animal care a life choice and a profession seemed the most obvious choice!

We rely on the veterinary researchers of the University of Turin who, thanks to their professional skills, carry out scrupulous analyzes to ascertain the quality of the raw materials and the right amount of nutritional properties that we want in Natural Code products.

Do you want more information about our collaboration with the research laboratory of the University of Veterinary Sciences? Click here and find out more.

Raw materials

Each production phase of Natural Code pet food products is taken care of in every step. The quality of the raw materials is fundamental: each ingredient used for our products is processed with the utmost care, taking care that the raw materials are enhanced at their best, also in terms of colour, scent and texture.

We are the first to strictly pursue a high quality level of the final product. To this end, we submit our recipes dedicated to pets to the rigorous analysis of university researchers. The raw materials are treated with the utmost respect for their nutritional components, without the addition of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Natural Code's meals for dogs and cats are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, you can discover all our ingredients by clicking here if you have a dog, or by clicking here if you have a cat.


Our well-being and that of our pets also depend on the well-being of the environment. We believe in the values of environmental sustainability and for this reason, since 2021 we have started a collaboration with ZeroCO2, a charity that promotes reforestation projects with a high social impact. ZeroCO2 operates in Guatemala and Peru, but also has active projects in various regions of Italy, from Triveneto to Sicily.

Natural Code, with the help of ZeroCO2, is currently involved in redeveloping the wooded ecosystem of the city of Modena. With this collaboration we want to support the environment, aiming at achieving a carbon neutrality for Natural Code: offsetting CO2 emissions by joining green projects to safeguard and sustain the ecosystem.

The environment belongs to everyone, let's protect it together! Join Team Natural Code Lovers on AWorld app!

Solidarity: the pending meal

We love animals, and if you've read this far, we're sure they're important to you too! That's why we want to introduce you to another Natural Code initiative: the pending meal!
Inspired by the Neapolitan tradition of pending coffee, we started the solidarity campaign of the pending meal dedicated to the animals hosted in the shelters.

Together is better! With this initiative we want to bring joy and colour also to those dogs and cats, guests of the shelters, who are waiting to meet a family ready to love them for the rest of their lives. A way to make a concrete contribution to all associations and volunteers who take care of animals in search of a home.

Are you interested in learning more and want to find out how to participate? Click here, and don't forget to share this Natural Code initiative on your social networks with the hashtag #pastosospeso: bring joy and colour to the numerous dogs and cats guests of the shelters!