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Natural Line

Natural Code and AWorld

Natural Code Lovers & AWorld
A sustainable future passes through the simplest individual actions that we perform every day.
Thanks to the collaboration with AWorld, the app chosen by the United Nations for individual sustainability, we have created a team where we invite all pet owners. Side by side we will improve our daily habits and together we will overcome important challenges such as saving water and CO2 emissions.


AWorld homepage will show you a progress summary card and tabs to promote your good habits.
From the homepage it is possible to monitor how much our impact is and it is possible to improve it through the good habits that we do not yet use, the journeys, the news to read and the Teams to follow.

Natural Code has its Team too!


Why do we do it?

We calculated the impact of our transport and realized how our work releases a huge amount of CO2.
To deliver your pet's favorite food to your home or trusted store, we emitted about 40 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere in 2020 (source Fercam).


What do we do?

We have started the journey to reduce this impact, but we want to commit ourselves to do more and more.
We are confident that a sustainable future passes through the simplest individual actions we perform every day.

Natural Code Lovers

How do we do it?

Our goal is to offset 100,000 kg of CO2 to reverse course and aim for impact -1 together with Aworld.
To do this we will launch a special challenge from October 4th to November 30th in which we also need your help.