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Puppy Pouch - pouch 100g


    Lamb meat is an excellent food for puppies because it is very palatable and digestible, it contains proteins of high biological value and B vitamins, essential for proper development. This tasty recipe is suitable for puppies from 2 to 12 months.


    67% Lamb


    3% Potatoes


    1% Minerals


    0,2% Linseed oil


    0,1% Egg shells, dried


    Complete food for puppies.

    Unique source of animal protein.

    No GMO, no gluten, no grain.

    Not tested on animals

    No colorings and preservatives

    Analytical Composition
    Moisture 76,00%
    Crude protein 10,80%
    Crude fat 7,20%
    Crude ash 3,00%
    Crude fibre 0,40%
    Kcal/100 gr 114,48

    Net weight

    100 g ℮