19 Chicken Asparagus and Rice 85 g ℮

Can 85 gr

19 Chicken Asparagus and Rice

pack of 24

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Chicken meat is the basis of this menu: its digestibility and high-quality protein content make it an excellent ingredient for the cat. Asparagus, a vegetable with diuretic properties and rich in fiber, which promotes intestinal health, is added to the chicken. A small percentage of rice provides the carbohydrates needed to give the cat energy.


60% chicken meat

10% asparagus

2% rice

Complementary food for adult cats.
Free of preservatives, coloring and flavoring agents.

Notes: Cooking water equal to 28% of the recipe.

Analytical Components

Moisture 82,00%
Crude Protein 15,00%
Crude Oils and Fats 0,20%
Crude Ash 0,50%
Crude Fiber 0,20%
Energy (kcal/100gr) 73

Daily Ration

2kg x1
4kg x2
6kg x3