20 Tonno 85 g ℮

Adult Cat

20 Tuna Beans and Seaweed

pack of 24

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The ingredients that make up this food are excellent for the cat's health: tuna, in addition to providing protein of high biological value, contains essential fatty acids from the Omega 3 series, which promote shiny coat and healthy skin; beans are also a source of protein, and also provide useful carbohydrates to stimulate the cat's vitality; and seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals, and its fiber content also promotes regular gastrointestinal transit.


60% tuna

10% beans

5% seaweed

2% rice

Complementary food for adult cats.
Free of preservatives, coloring and flavoring agents.

Notes: Cooking water equal to 23% of the recipe.

Analytical Components

Moisture 79,00%
Crude Protein 15,00%
Crude Oils and Fats 0,10%
Crude Ash 1,00%
Crude Fiber 0,80%
Energy (kcal/100gr) 81

Daily Ration

2kg x1
4kg x2
6kg x3